Curriculum Associates' Vocabulary and Math Apps Winners of ComputED Gazette's 2014 BESSIE Awards

World's Worst Pet™ and Door 24™ vocabulary and math mobile apps recognized for educational excellence in Upper Elementary and Middle School app categories

NORTH BILLERICA, MA, May 21, 2014—Curriculum Associates' newest mobile apps, World's Worst Pet™ and Door 24™, developed for use with i-Ready® Diagnostic & Instruction, were recently named winners in the 20th Annual Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES), presented by The ComputED Gazette. World's Worst Pet won in the Upper Elementary category under Vocabulary & Comprehension App, and Door 24 won in the Middle School category under Math Practice App.

“We are proud that both World's Worst Pet and Door 24 continue to be recognized by educators,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “We believe that providing anytime, anywhere engaging learning opportunities for skill development and practice is key to supporting teachers and students.”

Designed to enhance learning and engage students in grades 4–8, World's Worst Pet provides targeted skill development specifically focused on Tier Two vocabulary, a key area of emphasis in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The game also helps educators ensure long-term achievement gains and increased student performance and growth outcomes when used in conjunction with i-Ready.

Designed for grades 4–8 to motivate students through engaging activities, Door 24 helps students build their computational fluency and develop their ability to think quantitatively and strategically. Complementing i-Ready's online adaptive diagnostic and instruction program, Door 24 goes beyond just having students memorize facts and procedures. The app's focus on computational fluency supports problem solving and higher-order thinking and builds the mathematical processes and proficiencies that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) identify in the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP).

More About World's Worst Pet
World's Worst Pet, available through the App Store, provides students with robust practice and multiple exposures to words in a variety of contexts. In the game, students must use their academic vocabulary skills to help keep Snargg, the troublesome pet of the BakeStars—the onscreen characters from i-Ready's online lessons—out of danger, but Snargg keeps escaping and getting stuck again in other strange places.

The app incorporates engaging and pedagogically sound games and requires minimal direction and intervention from teachers or parents. Multiple replay opportunities within a low-risk environment provide teachers with the flexibility to use the program as part of small-group instruction, classroom activity centers or for practice at home.

The app can be downloaded at or by searching for “World's Worst Pet.”

More About Door 24
Available for free through the App Store, students use their skills to help Bella and Beau—the onscreen characters from i-Ready's online lessons—fix Victor the robot's fried circuits and solve the secret of Door 24. During the game, students use number facts, order of operation, and number relationships to create expressions equivalent to 24. Students additionally learn strategies such as making tens, recognizing factors of 24, understanding relationships between operations, and more. At the end of every level, students are also presented with a challenge set that requires them to find as many expressions as possible that are equivalent to 24, given a particular number set.

The app can be downloaded at or by searching for “Door 24.”

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About Curriculum Associates
Founded in 1969, privately owned Curriculum Associates, LLC, designs research-based print and online instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. The company's products and outstanding customer service provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching diverse student populations and fostering learning for all students. For company and product information, visit Curriculum Associates on the Web at or call 800-225-0248.

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