Screen with the most up-to-date tools. The Early Childhood Screens III are valid and reliable, and with updated content and scores based on current norms, you can be confident you’re getting the most accurate information on every child.
The BRIGANCE Early Childhood family of products has been completely updated to help early childhood educators more effectively meet the needs of young learners—so each child is better prepared for school.
Easy and accurate screening

Early Childhood Screens III: Supported by the latest validity and reliability research! Screen for potential developmental delays and giftedness quickly, easily, and accurately.

Ongoing assessment and instructional planning

IED III and IED III Standardized: Provide ongoing school readiness assessment across key domains and plan individualized instruction based on results.

Developmentally appropriate instruction

Readiness Activities: Deliver individualized instruction in key developmental skills with targeted activities aligned to assessment results.

Online data management and reporting

Screens III Online Management System: Calculate a child's screening results and automatically compare scores to cutoffs. User-friendly reports are easy to understand and share with parents.