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  IED III Early Childhood Classroom Kit WS14286 978-0-7609-8161-0     $349.00
  IED III Inventory-Early Childhood Edition WS14278 978-0-7609-8125-2     $229.00
  IED III Record Book 10 Pack WS14283 978-0-7609-8127-6     $39.00
  IED III Record Book 100 Pack WS14284 978-0-7609-8128-3     $359.00

QtyBRIGANCE Readiness Activities

  Readiness Activities Book WS11854 978-0-7609-5949-7     $219.00

QtyBRIGANCE Readiness Take Home Activity Books

  Counts in Order 10-Pack WS11375 978-0-7609-5382-2     $14.95
  Counts Objects 10-Pack WS11376 978-0-7609-5383-9     $14.95
  Prints Letters 10-Pack WS11374 978-0-7609-5376-1     $14.95
  Prints Letters in Order 10-Pack WS11373 978-0-7609-5375-4     $14.95
  Prints Personal Information 10-Pack WS11372 978-0-7609-5374-7     $14.95
  Reads Letters 10-Pack WS11371 978-0-7609-5373-0     $14.95
  Reads Numbers 10-Pack WS11377 978-0-7609-5384-6     $14.95
  Recites Alphabet 10-Pack WS11370 978-0-7609-5372-3     $14.95
  Take-Home Activity Book Collection WS11380 978-0-7609-5387-7     $269.00
  Understands Numbers 10-Pack WS11378 978-0-7609-5385-3     $14.95
  Writes Numbers in Order 10-Pack WS11379 978-0-7609-5386-0     $14.95


  IED III Accessories Kit WS9567 978-0-7609-2804-2     $69.00