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CARS & New York STARS CCLS Book Collection

Grades K–8

Accurately diagnose and provide differentiated instruction in reading. Two classroom collections improve students' reading comprehension by focusing on 12 key reading strategies. The CARS® & New York STARS® CCLS Book Collection helps you pinpoint needs, differentiate instruction, and measure progress. Collection includes:

  • Pretest, benchmark, and post test
  • Scaffolded instruction progresses from Modeled and Guided Instruction to Modeled and Guided Practice to Independent Practice
  • Multiple book levels have parallel lessons to easily differentiate instruction
  • Teacher Guides provide comprehensive support for teachers

CARS and New York STARS CCLS works!
A recent independent research study demonstrated that CARS and New York STARS CCLS raised performance on reading strategies by up to 20 percentage points! See for yourself:

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  Book K (Gr.K) Student Book 10-Pack WS12125 978-0-7609-6316-6     $39.90
  Book K (Gr.K) Teacher Guide WS12125.9 978-0-7609-6331-9     $5.95
  Book AA (Gr.1 early) Student Book 10-Pack WS12126 978-0-7609-6317-3     $39.90
  Book AA (Gr.1 early) Teacher Guide WS12126.9 978-0-7609-6332-6     $5.95
  Book A (Gr.1 mid) Student Book 10-Pack WS12127 978-0-7609-6318-0     $39.90
  Book A (Gr.1 mid) Teacher Guide WS12127.9 978-0-7609-6333-3     $5.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 10-Pack WS12128 978-0-7609-6319-7     $39.90
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS12128.9 978-0-7609-6334-0     $5.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 10-Pack WS12129 978-0-7609-6320-3     $39.90
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS12129.9 978-0-7609-6335-7     $5.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 10-Pack WS12130 978-0-7609-6321-0     $39.90
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS12130.9 978-0-7609-6336-4     $5.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 10-Pack WS12131 978-0-7609-6322-7     $39.90
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS12131.9 978-0-7609-6337-1     $5.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 10-Pack WS12132 978-0-7609-6323-4     $39.90
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS12132.9 978-0-7609-6338-8     $5.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 10-Pack WS12133 978-0-7609-6324-1     $39.90
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS12133.9 978-0-7609-6339-5     $5.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 10-Pack WS12134 978-0-7609-6325-8     $39.90
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS12134.9 978-0-7609-6340-1     $5.95


  Book K Student Book WS12413 978-0-7609-6605-1     $9.95
  Book K Teacher Guide WS12413.9 978-0-7609-6695-2     $9.95
  Book AA Student Book WS12414 978-0-7609-6606-8     $9.95
  Book AA Teacher Guide WS12414.9 978-0-7609-6696-9     $9.95
  Book A (Gr.1 mid) Student Book WS12415 978-0-7609-6607-5     $9.95
  Book A (Gr.1 mid) Teacher Guide WS12415.9 978-0-7609-6697-6     $9.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book WS12416 978-0-7609-6608-2     $9.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS12416.9 978-0-7609-6698-3     $9.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book WS12417 978-0-7609-6609-9     $9.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS12417.9 978-0-7609-6699-0     $9.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book WS12418 978-0-7609-6610-5     $9.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS12418.9 978-0-7609-6700-3     $9.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book WS12419 978-0-7609-6611-2     $9.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS12419.9 978-0-7609-6701-0     $9.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book WS12420 978-0-7609-6612-9     $9.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS12420.9 978-0-7609-6702-7     $9.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book WS12421 978-0-7609-6613-6     $9.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS12421.9 978-0-7609-6703-4     $9.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book WS12422 978-0-7609-6614-3     $9.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS12422.9 978-0-7609-6704-1     $9.95

QtyCARS/New York STARS CCLS Book Collection

  Book K WS12423 978-0-7609-6615-0     $339.00
  Book AA WS12424 978-0-7609-6616-7     $339.00
  Book A (Gr.1 mid) WS12425 978-0-7609-6617-4     $339.00
  Book B (Gr.2) WS12426 978-0-7609-6618-1     $339.00
  Book C (Gr.3) WS12427 978-0-7609-6619-8     $339.00
  Book D (Gr.4) WS12428 978-0-7609-6620-4     $339.00
  Book E (Gr.5) WS12429 978-0-7609-6621-1     $339.00
  Book F (Gr.6) WS12430 978-0-7609-6622-8     $339.00
  Book G (Gr.7) WS12431 978-0-7609-6623-5     $339.00
  Book H (Gr.8) WS12432 978-0-7609-6624-2     $339.00

QtyCARS Spanish

  Book A (Gr.1 mid) Student Book 10-Pack WS12135 978-0-7609-6326-5     $39.90
  Book A (Gr.1 mid) Teacher Guide WS12135.9 978-0-7609-6341-8     $5.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 10-Pack WS12136 978-0-7609-6327-2     $39.90
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS12136.9 978-0-7609-6342-5     $5.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 10-Pack WS12137 978-0-7609-6328-9     $39.90
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS12137.9 978-0-7609-6343-2     $5.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 10-Pack WS12138 978-0-7609-6329-6     $39.90
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS12138.9 978-0-7609-6344-9     $5.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 10-Pack WS12139 978-0-7609-6330-2     $39.90
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS12139.9 978-0-7609-6345-6     $5.95

QtySTARS Spanish

  Book A Student Book WS12150 978-0-7609-6371-5     $9.95
  Book A Teacher Guide WS12150.9 978-0-7609-6386-9     $9.95
  Book B Student Book WS12151 978-0-7609-6372-2     $9.95
  Book B Teacher Guide WS12151.9 978-0-7609-6387-6     $9.95
  Book C Student Book WS12152 978-0-7609-6373-9     $9.95
  Book C Teacher Guide WS12152.9 978-0-7609-6388-3     $9.95
  Book D Student Book WS12153 978-0-7609-6374-6     $9.95
  Book D Teacher Guide WS12153.9 978-0-7609-6389-0     $9.95
  Book E Student Book WS12154 978-0-7609-6375-3     $9.95
  Book E Teacher Guide WS12154.9 978-0-7609-6390-6     $9.95

QtyCARS/STARS Book Collection Spanish

  Book A (Gr. 1 mid) WS12385 978-0-7609-6588-7     $339.00
  Book B (Gr. 2) WS12386 978-0-7609-6589-4     $339.00
  Book C (Gr. 3) WS12387 978-0-7609-6590-0     $339.00
  Book D (Gr. 4) WS12388 978-0-7609-6591-7     $339.00
  Book E (Gr. 5) WS12389 978-0-7609-6592-4     $339.00

The CARS® & New York STARS® CCLS Book Collection focuses on the 12 key reading strategies to improve students' reading ability.

  • Finding main idea
  • Recalling facts and details
  • Understanding sequence
  • Recognizing cause and effect
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Making predictions
  • Finding word meaning in context
  • Drawing conclusions and making inferences
  • Distinguishing fact from opinion
  • Identifying author's purpose
  • Interpreting figurative language
  • Summarizing

The CARS® & New York STARS® CCLS, Book Collection includes:
—25 Student Books plus a Teacher Guide from each of the two series
Total 50 Student Books and 2 Teacher Guides

Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies (CARS®)
New York Strategies To Achieve Reading Success (STARS®) CCLS
FOCUS on Reading
Comprehensive Assessment of Mathematics Strategies (CAMS®)
Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success (STAMS®)
CAMS® & STAMS® Book Collection


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