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Developmental Ages: Birth through 7 years

Inventory of Early Development III

Completely updated, the criterion-referenced Inventory of Early Development III (IED III) includes new content and up-to-date research.

Major content updates include:

  • All-new science assessments
  • Expanded literacy and mathematics coverage
    • Updated phonological awareness assessments
    • Revised reading passages
    • New mathematics assessments, including sorting and word problems
  • Broadened social and emotional development section

Additional key features include:

  • Strong alignment to state and Common Core standards
  • New validity and reliability research
  • Updated design for user-friendly administration
  • Expanded age range through developmental age seven

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  IED III Classroom Kit WS14285 978-0-7609-8160-3     $349.00
  IED III Inventory WS14274 978-0-7609-8124-5     $229.00
  IED III Record Book 10 Pack WS14283 978-0-7609-8127-6     $39.00
  IED III Record Book 100 Pack WS14284 978-0-7609-8128-3     $359.00


  IED III Accessories Kit WS9567 978-0-7609-2804-2     $69.00

The IED III helps educators:

  • Determine present level of performance (PLOP/PLAAFP)
  • Develop measurable IEP goals and objectives
  • Target instruction based on assessment results
  • Monitor progress for a wide range of students, even lower-functioning students
  • Support alternate assessment needs
  • Meet IDEA requirements

The IED III covers the following skill areas, which align to state and Common Core standards:

  • Physical Development (Preambulatory, Gross Motor, and Fine Motor)
  • Language Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Daily Living
  • Social and Emotional Development

Learn more about the norm-referenced BRIGANCE® IED III Standardized, a standardized assessment tool for children from birth through age seven.

Order Record Books for previous editions of the Inventory of Early Development.

The IED III Classroom Kit includes:

  • IED III Inventory
  • 20 IED III Record Books
  • IED III Accessories
  • Durable Canvas Tote
See the research behind the IED III Standardized.

Free on-demand training videos are available in the BRIGANCE Courses section of the Professional Development tab.


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