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BRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities

Middle and High School

The new BRIGANCE® Transition Skills Activities helps educators deliver data-driven instruction to build students' skills in key transition areas. Each lesson includes a variety of activities and modifications to support a broad range of student abilities and interests. The Transition Skills Activities is directly aligned to assessments in the Transition Skills Inventory (TSI) and covers the following skill areas:

  • Post-Secondary Education/Training
  • Employment
  • Independent Living
  • Community Participation

The accompanying Student Book includes written activities that provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learned.

Read an interview with EducationViews in which Brandon Linden, Executive Editor of BRIGANCE, discusses the new BRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities.

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QtyBRIGANCE TSI + Transition Skills Activities

  Complete Transitions Kit WS13332 978-0-7609-7518-3     $599.00

QtyBRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities

  Transition Skills Activities Kit WS13333 978-0-7609-7519-0     $359.00
  Transition Skills Activities WS13334 978-0-7609-7520-6     $249.00
  Transition Skills Activities SB 5-Pack WS13338 978-0-7609-7521-3     $35.00

The BRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities provides more than 250 activities in lessons directly aligned to assessments in the Transition Skills Inventory (TSI).

  • Each lesson encompasses several activities and modifications to support a wide range of student interests and abilities
  • Activities address real-life experiences and support classroom-based and community-based instruction
  • More than 200 extension activities extend classroom learning and reinforce each lesson
  • Discussion questions engage students and encourage class participation

The Complete Transitions Kit includes:

  • Transition Skills Inventory (TSI)
  • 20 TSI Record Books
  • Transition Skills Activities
  • 20 Student Books
  • Durable canvas tote

The Transition Skills Activities Kit includes:

  • Transition Skills Activities
  • 20 Student Books
  • Durable canvas tote

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BRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities

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