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Phonics for Reading

Grades 3–HS

2011 copyright

by Anita Archer, James Flood, Diane Lapp, and Linda Lungren

Support students who struggle with reading comprehension from weak phonemic awareness and decoding skills.

  • Build phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency skills to strengthen reading comprehension
  • Systematic, explicit instruction builds confidence and motivation
  • Specifically designed to appeal to older students

Check out our great review from the Florida Center for Reading Research

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QtyPhonics for Reading

  First Level Student Book 5-Pack WS12689 978-0-7609-6893-2     $39.95
  First Level Teacher Guide WS12689.9 978-0-7609-6899-4     $14.95
  Second Level Student Book 5-Pack WS12690 978-0-7609-6894-9     $39.95
  Second Level Teacher Guide WS12690.9 978-0-7609-6900-7     $14.95
  Third Level Student Book 5-Pack WS12691 978-0-7609-6895-6     $39.95
  Third Level Teacher Guide WS12691.9 978-0-7609-6901-4     $14.95

Phonics for Reading also provides word-recognition and spelling instruction, story reading, and independent activities.

Assessment opportunities include:

  • Placement Tests—Use for placing students within the program or to measure growth at the end of the program or school year.
  • Checking Up—Ten activities throughout each level offer teacher and students a formal measure of skills.
  • Fluency Assessment—Teacher Guides for Second and Third Level provide directions for using story passages to assess fluency and activities for building fluency.


Student Books

  • First Level—30 teacher-directed lessons— focuses on short vowels, consonants, consonant blends, and digraphs
  • Second Level—32 teacher-directed lessons— progresses with vowel combinations, r-controlled vowel sounds, common endings, and CVCe words
  • Third Level—36 teacher-directed lessons— expands concepts with vowel/letter combinations, common prefixes and suffixes, minor consonant sounds for c and g, and minor vowel sound combinations

Teacher Guides

  • Information about the research base
  • Lesson objectives and scripting
  • Word lists
  • Answer keys
  • Reproducible IEPs/progress letters
  • Scope and sequence chart
  • Pre- and post-assessment tools
Read the research behind the program.
Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR)—Read the review
We have implemented this program for intervention 2nd-5th grades in small groups during workshop/intervention time. Our resource room has also used the program for their 5th grade students. We have seen an increase in scores on the CORE test and fluency after the lessons have been taught. The teachers find it teacher friendly and the students have told me they enjoy it and it has helped them.

Janis Faulkner, Idaho


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