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Grades K–4+

Help your students improve their spelling and writing skills with these easy-to-use reference guides. Students independently check spelling and vary word choices in writing.  QUICK-SPELL is also a useful tool for ESL students. Three handbooks are available:

  • Beginning Thesaurus (Grades K–2)—Help your younger students find just the right word to use in their writing
  • Thesaurus (Grades 3+)—Help your students find just the right word to use in their writing.
  • Word Finder (Grades 3+)—Help students verify the correct spelling of words they often use in their writing.

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  Thesaurus and Word Finder Set WS6194 978-1-5591-5762-9     10+  $6.60    1-9  $13.25
  Beginning Thesaurus Student Book WS9229 978-0-7609-2457-0     10+  $3.49    1-9  $6.95
  Thesaurus Student Book WS6174 978-1-5591-5761-2     10+  $3.49    1-9  $6.95
  Word Finder Student Book WS1021 978-0-8918-7133-0     10+  $3.49    1-9  $6.95

  • Beginning Thesaurus (Grades K–2)—Lists more than 600 base words and gives three to six synonyms for each one.
  • Thesaurus (Grades 3+)—Takes more than 1,200 of the words found in the QUICK-SPELL Word Finder guide and lists three to five synonyms for each one.
  • Word Finder (Grades 3+)—lists 3,000 words alphabetically and includes their suffix forms—totaling more than 10,000 of the most common words used in writing.  It's like a mini-dictionary for young writers.

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