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SPOTLIGHT on Revising and Editing Series

Grades 1–8 | For ESL, too!

Provide explicit instruction in elements common to test-taking.

Companion Series: Paired Passages, Responding to Writing Prompts

Students learn to improve poor writing and correct errors in writing samples through modeled instruction, guided and independent practice. Students learn why each answer is correct or incorrect. Multiple-choice questions are common to those found on tests:

  • grammar
  • usage
  • mechanics
  • composition items

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QtySPOTLIGHT on Revising and Editing

  Book A (Gr.1) Student Book 10-Pack WS10706 978-0-7609-4579-7     $34.90
  Book A (Gr.1) Teacher Guide WS10706.9 978-0-7609-4587-2     $5.95
  Book B (Gr.2) Student Book 10-Pack WS10707 978-0-7609-4580-3     $34.90
  Book B (Gr.2) Teacher Guide WS10707.9 978-0-7609-4588-9     $5.95
  Book C (Gr.3) Student Book 10-Pack WS10708 978-0-7609-4581-0     $34.90
  Book C (Gr.3) Teacher Guide WS10708.9 978-0-7609-4589-6     $5.95
  Book D (Gr.4) Student Book 10-Pack WS10709 978-0-7609-4582-7     $34.90
  Book D (Gr.4) Teacher Guide WS10709.9 978-0-7609-4590-2     $5.95
  Book E (Gr.5) Student Book 10-Pack WS10710 978-0-7609-4583-4     $34.90
  Book E (Gr.5) Teacher Guide WS10710.9 978-0-7609-4591-9     $5.95
  Book F (Gr.6) Student Book 10-Pack WS10711 978-0-7609-4584-1     $34.90
  Book F (Gr.6) Teacher Guide WS10711.9 978-0-7609-4592-6     $5.95
  Book G (Gr.7) Student Book 10-Pack WS10712 978-0-7609-4585-8     $34.90
  Book G (Gr.7) Teacher Guide WS10712.9 978-0-7609-4593-3     $5.95
  Book H (Gr.8) Student Book 10-Pack WS10713 978-0-7609-4586-5     $34.90
  Book H (Gr.8) Teacher Guide WS10713.9 978-0-7609-4594-0     $5.95

Teacher Guides include a pacing chart, research summary, 4- and 6-point scoring rubrics, student and teacher assessments, student tracking chart, and answer key.

ESL/ELL supports include:

  • prior knowledge activation
  • read-aloud strategy
  • scaffolded instruction
  • graphic organizers

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