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Grades 1–7+

Spanish QUICK-WORD Handbooks

Help your Spanish-speaking students learn to write the right way. The PALABRA LISTA® series is like a permanent, portable word wall that contains words students use frequently in their writing. The handbooks include:

  • Writing lines for students to add their personal writing words
  • A homophone guide and sentences
  • Days, months, and number words

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QtyPalabra Lista

  Manual Para Escritores Principiantes (green book) WS10404 978-0-7609-4081-5     10+  $1.69    1-9  $6.95
  Manual Para Escritores (orange book) WS10411 978-0-7609-4087-7     10+  $1.59    1-9  $6.95

Palabra Lista features:

  • Alphabetical listings of high–frequency writing words
  • Writing lines for students to record personal writing words
  • Color words
  • Number words
  • Names of animals
  • Days of the week
  • Parts of the body
  • Kinds of foods
  • Months of the year

Manual para escritores principiantes
Grades 1–2

Students reference 330 words for writing modeled in context sentences plus:

  • Writing lines for students to add personal words
  • Weather words, school-related words, and other resources

Manual para escritores
Grades 2+

More than 700 high-frequency writing words in Spanish, space for adding personal words, plus:

  • Homophone guide and sentences
  • Verb changes
  • Words with accent marks
  • Days, months, and number words
  • Commonly used phrases
  • Common abbreviations

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