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i-Ready’s reading and mathematics apps complement i-Ready’s student and teacher-led instruction. These educational games provide targeted skill development in areas shown to hold students back, help educators ensure long-term achievement gains, and increase student performance and growth outcomes.

Door 24 Plus

Door 24 Plus sends students on a mathematical adventure! Students will take a quick assessment and then head into either Snargg Splatt to work on fact fluency or Victor Fixer to work on computational fluency.

Game scenario: Our pesky, blue-hued friend Snargg has escaped once again only to discover a mystical door hidden behind the fridge in the BakeStars Café! Join Sweet T and friends as they explore the mysteries behind Door 24.

Snargg-Splatt-Fact Fluency Game-Screen1
Snargg-Splatt-Fact Fluency Game-Screen2
Snargg Splatt
Fact Fluency Game

If a student is placed into fact fluency, Door 24 sends them to the crazy, colorful world of Snarggles playing their favorite game—Snargg Splatt! To join in on the fun, students will need to work fast to combat the evil Snargg-nado by completing math facts and throwing balls of Splatt at the game board before time runs out!

Instructional Objectives

  • Develops automaticity with basic math facts in all four operations
  • Repeated exposure to math facts via spiral review.


  • Fluency with addition facts from 0 to 20
  • Fluency with subtraction facts from 0 to 20
  • Fluency with multiplication facts from 0 to 144
  • Fluency with division facts from 1 to 144
Computational Fluency with Victor the Robot
i-Ready characters Beau and Bella need help to restore Victor the robot by solving math equations
Victor Fixer
Computational Fluency Game

If a student is placed into the computational fluency game, Door 24 will open to reveal that our robot friend, Victor, has gone haywire and needs help. To help get Victor patched up, they will need to repair his circuits which all need to line up with the special number 24. Using problem-solving strategies, students energize Victor to get him up and running again.

Instructional Objectives

  • Develops students' abilities to think quantitatively and strategically
  • Encourages flexibility and perseverance in solving problems

Develops concepts, skills, and strategies

  • Number sense and computational fluency
  • Expressions, equations, and algebraic thinking
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World's Worst Pet iPad app from i-Ready shows Snargg getting into trouble
The i-Ready BakeStars rally together to help keep Snargg out of danger in World's Worst Pet
World's Worst Pet®
Tier Two Vocabulary App

The BakeStars' new pet is out of this world…literally! After adopting this creature from outer space, the BakeStars find out it has a taste for danger and loves to get into all kinds of trouble. Even though it may be the world’s worst pet—Jake and friends still need help to keep it safe!

Instructional Objectives

  • Delivers multiple exposures and robust practice
  • Supports the development of comprehension

Focus on Tier Two Vocabulary

  • Academic vocabulary that appears across a wide range of texts
  • Domain-specific vocabulary: Science and Social Studies
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