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QtyPalabra Lista

  Manual Para Escritores (orange book) WS10411 978-0-7609-4087-7     $1.59
  Manual Para Escritores Principiantes (green book) WS10404 978-0-7609-4081-5     $1.69

QtyQUICK-MATH Handbook Canadian Edition

  Intermediate WS9346 978-0-7609-2574-4     $2.20

QtyQUICK-MATH Handbook For Everyday Mathematicians

  Advanced WS8259 978-0-7609-1016-0     $2.20
  Intermediate WS8258 978-0-7609-1015-3     $2.20


  Beginning Thesaurus Student Book WS9229 978-0-7609-2457-0     $3.49
  Thesaurus and Word Finder Set WS6194 978-1-5591-5762-9     $6.60
  Thesaurus Student Book WS6174 978-1-5591-5761-2     $3.49
  Word Finder Student Book WS1021 978-0-8918-7133-0     $3.49

QtyQUICK-WORD Handbooks

  Beginning Writers Student Book (purple book) WS10403 978-0-7609-4080-8     $1.69
  Everyday Writers Canadian Student Book (red book). WS232 978-1-5591-5110-8     $1.59
  Everyday Writers Student Book (yellow book) WS132 978-0-8918-7539-0     $1.49
  Phonics Student Book WS10497 978-0-7609-4285-7     $2.39
  Practical Writing Student Book (blue book) WS10402 978-0-7609-4082-2     $1.69

QtyQUICK-WRITE Handbook for Everyday Writers

  Advanced WS9507 978-0-7609-2777-9     $2.20
  Beginning WS9508 978-0-7609-2775-5     $2.20
  Intermediate WS9509 978-0-7609-2776-2     $2.20