Ready Classroom Mathematics Grades 1 and 3 Student Book covers
Ready Classroom Mathematics empowers all students to own their learning through discourse-based instruction that embodies the true intent and demands of the standards. Purposeful data drive instruction while providing support to teachers as they facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse. Ready Classroom Mathematics is engaging for all learners and manageable for teachers.
Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Worktext
Student Worktext
Ready Classroom Mathematics is focused on the major content of each grade. This focus helps deepen conceptual understanding and prepares students to apply mathematical concepts to solve everyday problems. The discourse-based instruction helps build strong mathematical habits in students.

Student Bookshelf
Student Dashboard
The Student Dashboard includes a wealth of interactive tools and games that encourage exploration and develop conceptual understanding. Student resources include the Student Bookshelf, Interactive Learning Games, and Digital Math Tools, and can be accessed directly from the Student Dashboard, making it easy for students to move from one resource to another.
Ready Classroom Mathematics Teacher's Guide
Teacher's Guide
Ready Classroom Mathematics embeds best-practice teaching support for every lesson, every day, allowing ongoing opportunities to monitor student progress and check for understanding. The Teacher's Guide also includes a variety of Professional Learning resources built into the beginning of every unit to support educators with the concepts within the unit. The embedded teaching support enables every teacher to reach all students.

Teacher Digital Courseware
Teacher Digital Courseware
The Teacher Digital Courseware includes access to the Teacher Toolbox, Digital Comprehension Checks, and Learning Games reports. The Teacher Toolbox equips every teacher with the full range of K–5 mathematics resources regardless of what grade they teach for immediate use with students who are performing below, on, or above grade level.

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