i-Ready Instruction accelerates student growth
New research based on data from over four million students who took the i-Ready Diagnostic during the 2016–2017 school year finds that students who used i-Ready Instruction experienced greater learning gains than those who did not use the program. This research meets the criteria for ESSA Level 3.
Strong Learning Gains for Students using i-Ready Instruction
Students who used i-Ready Instruction experienced substantial learning gains compared to students who did not. Students receiving recommended levels of i-Ready Instruction experienced 39% greater gains for English language arts (ELA) and 38% greater gains for mathematics. These results were supported by strong effect sizes and statistically significant gains.
i-Ready Student Growth Rates
An Effective Solution for All Students
The study showed significant score gains across key student groups. Effect sizes were large for non-Caucasian students, students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, and English learners. Based on these results, educators can conclude with confidence that i-Ready Instruction is an effective intervention solution for all students.
i-Ready Effect Sizes Overall and by Subgroup
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