Professional Development
Professional-Development: Proven practices for student success

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We believe in transforming classrooms for students and teachers

Success for us isn’t measured by getting our products into districts, schools, and classrooms. Driven by our mission to improve classrooms for teachers and students everywhere, we measure success by student engagement and growth.

Our professional development is designed to grow along with your implementation, meeting the learning needs and interests of educators at each phase of their development: new, practicing, and advanced. Our courses address a set of common learning outcomes, while our Tailored Support sessions deliver targeted outcomes specific to your needs. Browse our course offerings by product to find the sessions that fit your needs: i-Ready Courses, i-Ready & Ready Supplemental Courses, Ready Supplemental Courses, Ready Mathematics Core Courses, BRIGANCE Courses, Other Courses.

Proven Practices, Research-Based Results
From Product to Practice

Creating change requires more than introducing new programs. Successful leaders know that educators need ongoing support to integrate the research-based, data-informed instructional practices that drive student growth and engagement in learning. We partner with you to offer sustained, classroom-focused, flexible professional development that prepares educators to transfer their power from the page and screen to the classroom.

From Action to Impact
From Action to Impact

We've learned from working with thousands of educators that a sustained focus on a key set of interconnected actions is essential to changing instruction and bringing a culture of data to life. Our professional development equips teachers and leaders at all phases of implementation with strategies and tools that transform schools and classrooms and lead to student growth.

Personalized for You
Flexible Scheduling, Differentiated Learning

While our PD scope and sequence is designed to move teachers and leaders along the continuum from product to practice, we continuously calibrate our approach, since not everyone has the same needs at the same time. Our flexible days and grouping allow us to work with you to meet multiple sets of needs in one up to 6-hour session.