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i-Ready Professional-Development
i‑Ready® and Ready® Courses

Creating change requires more than introducing new programs. Successful leaders know that educators need ongoing support to integrate the research-based, data-informed instructional practices that drive student growth and engagement in learning.

We partner with you to offer sustained, classroom-focused, flexible professional development for i‑Ready and Ready that prepares educators to transfer their power from the page and screen to the classroom.

Our professional development is designed to grow along with your implementation, meeting the learning needs and interests of educators at each phase of their development: new, practicing, and advanced. Our courses address a set of common learning outcomes, while our Tailored Support sessions deliver targeted outcomes specific to your needs.

i-Ready-Courses for New Users

Getting Started with i‑Ready
Teachers and coaches who are invested in i‑Ready's potential to impact student growth are essential to successful implementation at the classroom level.

Understanding Your i‑Ready  Data
Educators equipped with strategies to draw meaning from i‑Ready data are better prepared to identify student strengths and prioritize instructional needs.

Developing Mathematical Thinking with Ready Mathematics
(Grades K–8)
Ready Mathematics delivers problems and tasks that can raise the impact of whole class mathematics instruction and increase teachers' ability to address specific student learning needs.

Deeper Reading with Ready Reading (Grades K–8)
Readers of any age and ability can derive meaning from complex texts given the right strategies.

Developing Writers with Ready Writing (Grades 2–5)
Ready Writing demystifies the writing process and prepares students to move from quick writes to longer-form writing across genres.

Data-Driven Leadership Best Practices I
School leaders play a critical role in managing successful implementations from the start.

i-Ready-Courses for Returning Users

Data-Driven Instructional Planning
Becoming data-driven is about more than understanding data; it's about applying data to inform classroom instruction.

Using Your Data to Help All Learners Succeed
Data-driven teachers and coaches know that they are collecting new information all the time to continuously adjust their approach to student learning.

Data-Driven Leadership Best Practices II
Leaders who serve as champions of change are essential to successful implementations.

i-Ready-Courses for Advanced Users

Data-Driven Leadership Best Practices III
Data-driven leaders continuously explore new ways to engage their school communities in using data to bolster student growth.

Advanced User Courses for Educators
Below is a sample of the topics we offer as part of Advanced User Tailored Support sessions. Additional topics include deepening use of small group instruction, student engagement, data analysis, and using Standards Mastery to address whole class needs. Our Professional Development Specialists consult with educators to select appropriate content and create customized agendas.

Tailored Support

Tailored Support sessions last up to 6 hours and are designed in cooperation with leaders and coaches based on implementation goals and educator needs.